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Adding pleasure to everyday life
Healthy comfort food
Bringing health into pleasure with organic and handmade raw cakes that are good for you
What is raw food?
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Enjoy our homemade, organic, raw treats & healthy comfort food at home & in our cafes

We bring health into pleasure by eating cakes for breakfast with natural and raw ingredients free from gluten, refined sugar & dairy.

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Wellness & recipes

Adaptogens, The Ultimate Stress-Management Hack!

In this article I will write about the awesome properties of adaptogen herbs and how we can use them …

Wellness & recipes

Creating a Healthy, Balanced Hormone System

In this article I will share essential information needed to create a healthy and balanced hormone system. Our hormones …

Wellness & recipes

Basic nutrition, part two – by Sara Chacko

Article written by Sara Chacko In the first part of basic nutrition, I focused on nutrients and the importance …

Wellness & recipes

Basic nutrition, part one – by Sara Chacko

Article written by Sara Chacko In this first part of the article, I will highlight the most important factors …

Wellness & recipes

Raw Food – ingredients & tips

I see myself more as a cocoa researcher and cake chemist than a baker. I associate baking with heating, …

Wellness & recipes

Raw Food

Raw food – can often be perceived as a strict diet where the goal is purification, but for me, …

Wellness & recipes

Chocolate Crisp Balls

Our chocolate crisp balls are the perfect to-go snack or dessert treat! With crunchy buckwheat full of protein, and …

Wellness & recipes

Gut Health & Mango Yoghurt

Our gut plays an important role in our overall health and especially to prevent chronic diseases. If your gut …

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