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Chocolate Chip Nice Cream

Chocolate chip Nice Cream

4 dl coconut cream
1 frozen banana chopped
1/3 tsp vanilla powder
3 tbs maple syrup or honey
5 tbs cacao powder
4 juicy dates
Pinch of Himalaya salt
10 squares of dark chocolate (optional)

Extra super ingredients to add: nut butters, frozen chopped avocado, protein powder, bee pollen and cacao nibs sprinkled on top…

Simply run all the ingredients, except chocolate squares, in a food processor until smooth and creamy. Stir in chopped chocolate and pour the mixture into a container, freeze and scoop out later – or use an ice cream machine – Or eat instantly! I like it best right away 😉

Here’s a delicious nice cream recipe really good all day, I even eat this for breakfast during the summer… Its easily made, can be enjoyed instantly or made in an ice cream maker!

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