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Iced Matcha Goodness

Iced Matcha

1 dl water
1 tsp matcha powder
3 dl plant mylk
1-2 tsp optional syrup / sweetener
Optional: vanilla powder, stevia, pinch of salt

Heat up water to 70 and pour into a nice mug. Whisk in matcha powder. Steam or heat your choice of milk with the rest of the ingredients. Pour the creamy milk over the tea and sip away <3

You can find Matcha powder in all health food shops and many grocery stores.

So fresh and nutritious! Matcha is an antioxidant and chlorophyll rich ceremonial green powdered tea offering many nutritional benefits, including improved brain function and boosting metabolism and our immune system. Its perfect for replacing coffee if you want to reduce your coffee intake as well as boosting your energy. I like it sweet (as I do with everything…) since it tastes quite bitter, I like using a sweet nut mylk in my latte with stevia drops and some vanilla. Heres my go to recipe, which you can also get in our cafes!

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