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Mood Boost, Activities & Rituals

Mood booster activities and rituals

Fresh air & hot chocolate

Work on a project

Lots of chocolate

Listening to podcasts

Giving myself little treats

Embrace the rain

Lighten candles

Heat up the fire

Structure my days

Bring an umbrella

Stay inside and enjoy it

Hi you! Are you feeling a little grey this week as well?

In these periods of the year, I really love to boost the area that supports the season. It can be easy t0 feel grey inside out, but there are great qualities in this season too. This is a time to go in, feel the simple pleasures, cuddle up and be quiet with a big cup of hot chocolate and a good movie. Our bodies need to move with the seasons to feel the best way, and this also goes for the food. I nourish myself with warming spices, hot soups, cookies and warm drinks with extra spices and herbs. I share my natural mood booster favorites here <3

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