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Reset & detox with nutritious foods and drinks

Boost recipes


3 dl almond milk
3 dl blueberries
1/2 frozen & peeled banana
1 tbsp almond butter

2 cm fresh & peeled ginger
1/2 pear or apple



2 dl coconut water or almond milk
1/2 cucumber
1/2 avocado
2 dl frozen spinach
1 handful sprouts
2 cm fresh & peeled ginger
1/2 pear or apple

How have you been this summer? Feeling like you have indulged in too much treats and your body is screaming for a reset? Before you jump on the next big diet, remember that the body detoxifies itself and these are our best tips on how to help your body with the process.

1. Get enough calories: the detoxification process needs a lot of energy and your body needs refill to help with it.
2. Get enough proteins: detoxification also need amino acids to process.
3. Get enough nutritions: make sure to get a variety of these. Colorful vegetables is a great tip!
4. Get enough fiber: to absorb the toxins from your body and bring them through your intestinal system.
5. Get enough water: you will need 1,5-2 liter of water to help your body with the process.
6. Movement: when you sweat your body will natural get rid of toxins.
7.  Avoid toxins: be aware of the environment around you. Heavy metals and pesticides will compromise the enzyme process and affect your hormonal balance.

With all this in mind we hope you can shift the focus from dieting and instead indulge in food that will help and affect your detoxification process naturally. In this post we have chosen some recipes and that will include a lot of healthy proteins, fibers & nutritious. Take care of yourself and your body this fall!

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