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Raw Food

Raw food – can often be perceived as a strict diet where the goal is purification, but for me, it is about raw pleasure and natural ingredients. We all live in bodies that want to both enjoy and absorb the nourishment. Nature has made it possible for us to live healthy and stay healthy with the help of nature’s pantry. To explore plants is a journey in colors, flavors, and textures that is made just for us! With this starting point, the senses become the center of the food experience.


Back to the roots

When I discovered raw food, it was nothing new to me, because I had eaten salad and nuts all my life. Now, however, I wanted to learn where the food came from and what it did to my health and body. Maybe not because I should be so much healthier, but because of the desire and joy of finally enjoying the food. I found my way back to nature’s pantry, picked wild plants, and collected what the season offered. Until then, I had processed most of what I found, either by cooking or frying. Now I tested out eating the plants as they were. I made raw nettle pesto, which tasted so much better than cooked! I went even further and put rowanberries straight into the cake. Many thought I was quite strange, and wondered what I was doing. When spring came, I collected everything I could find of shoots and wild plants and tricked out new raw dishes that brought nature even a little closer. When I was going to serve spruce shoot cake on a course I held in wild plants, I got many wondering and a little sceptical glance, but the course participants tasted the sour spring cake and were pleasantly surprised that they ate a spruce tree!



What is Raw food?

Many people think raw food is a fancy concept that requires major restructuring, but raw food has worked in traditional diets for generations, so it is hardly a temporary health trend with new dietary rules. It’s about looking around nature and finding our way back to the roots and raw materials. I like to eat raw food at all meals of the day. Some days I only eat raw salads and green snacks, and other days lots of cakes. When I visit others, I gladly accept what is served.


Rawfood is simply raw vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, oils, seaweed, and mushrooms that have not been heat-treated above 42 ° C. We do not cook and fry – just freeze, dry or eat – the ingredients are as they are. The reason is that the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the plants are sensitive to heat, and like best at low temperatures. Without enzymes, the body’s functions, such as digestion and detoxification, are inhibited, and we are not very well protected against diseases and bacteria. The transport of nutrients to cells, tissues, and organs is also impaired. If I’m going to eat a heavier cooked meal, i start preferably with a raw food salad or a little sauerkraut full of enzymes to start digestion. Rawfood is also full of fiber which helps the food more easily through the intestines.


The raw cakes are full of fiber, minerals and vitamins, something I remind myself of when it seems too good to be true to eat cake for breakfast. The cakes give the body lots of nourishment and stable energy. The composition of fats, proteins and carbohydrates makes it possible to eat cake for breakfast without getting cloudy. The fat and proteins in the cakes slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, which we find a lot of in fruit. Rawfood also ensures a balanced pH value, as it adjusts the acid-base level in the body. If you eat acidic food, your body becomes acidic. If you are overworked or stressed, it also contributes to an acidic environment in the body. In addition, cooking food often tends to lower the pH of alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables. If you regularly eat foods that have a pH value above 6 – and no more than 7.5 – you will help the body to maintain a balanced environment.

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