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Adaptogens, The Ultimate Stress-Management Hack!

In this article I will write about the awesome properties of adaptogen herbs and how we can use them as tools to support our growth, healing, and performance in our daily lives.


What are adaptogens?

The definition of an adaptogenic substance is a nontoxic substance from a plant extract herb or mushroom that increases the body’s ability to resist and recover from the damaging effects of stress. Adaptogens also promote or restore normal physiological functioning when we are exposed to stress.


Let me share some examples of how this works.

If you are exposed to large amounts of stress for a certain period of your life, due to for example a traumatic experience, or maybe you have an exam, you need to increase your focus and or performance, or you experience some form of shock. If this is the case adaptogens can helps soften the blow from this extra amount of stress that you are exposed to.

These amazing herbs can for example assist the body adapt to greater amounts of cold or heat exposure, or other physical and challenging conditions you may find yourself in. In other words, they assist the body to adapt and work through any form of stressful impact, be it physical or emotional, they also do it in a gentle and balanced way without being overstimulating or by depleting the body`s own resources if you take them as recommended.



The different types of adaptogen herbs:

There are many different types of adaptogens, with different qualities, and you may choose your preferred adaptogen or adaptogens, based on what you feel suits your specific needs.

Some adaptogens have great calming, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties and those may be great to include daily if you need a chill pill, you need restitution and rest. Some adaptogens strengthen the immune system, gives you more stamina and help you move through periods of time where you need to perform either mentally or physically. Other adaptogens are great for creating a more balanced hormone system or help you to stabilize your energy levels so that you don`t get overstimulated. This is especially helpful for people who get easily burned out, who need more stability and who need to perform evenly in their workday or everyday lives.


In my opinion adaptogen herbs are the ultimate stress-management hack. Considering the amount of stress, we are exposed to daily and the damage we accumulate from this stress, adaptogens are awesome tools we can use to assist us in dealing with stress. In addition to working actively with handling and managing our stress, of course!


A little bit goes a long way

Another important piece of knowledge I have learned through the years is that it is gentler to the body and less straining if you include small amounts of different herbal extracts, than if you bombard the body with large doses of just one or two substances.

So, my advice is to take small amounts of for example three, four or more different herbs. Then you can create a unique synergetic effect as well as getting the properties of the single herb.



Some of my favorite adaptogens when it comes to restitution and peace are:

Ashwaganda, reishi and holy basil.


Some of my favorites for strength and stamina are:

Rhodiola, eleuthero, schizandra and chaga.


Some of my immune favorites:

Astragalus, chaga and agaricus blazeii.


Performance favorites:

Cordyceps, maca and american ginseng


I have only skimmed the surface when it comes to the properties and traits of the adaptogenic herbs mentioned above. This is the short version, but all the adaptogens mentioned also have many other healing properties, including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral traits and they also help to stimulate and strengthen different organs.


You get a lot of bonuses if you include some of the above examples in your day-to-day life.



Here is a list of some great adaptogens, so check them out!












Holy basil

American, or white ginseng



I also recommend you try a chaga boost in your cacao next time you order something at one of the Oslo Raw cafées.



Sara Chacko has over twenty years of experience as a health and nutrition advisor, author, lecturer, and course holder. She also gives private health, and nutrition consultations.





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