OSLO RAW delivers organic, vegan and handmade rawfood and sweets that are good for you. It is our passion to make everyday moments packed with pleasure and pure nourishment. We bring health into pleasure by eating cakes for breakfast with natural and plant based ingredients without gluten, refined sugar or dairy. Join us & visit our cafe at Adamstuen or enjoy our treats at many of our resellers restaurants, shops and cafes. Life is all about pleasure, and we want to make it a habit to celebrate the weekday and ear raw goodies all day without any guilt.

All our treats are handmade in our own bakery at Adamstuen. We also have our own café at Adamstuen Torg where you can enjoy all kinds of raw treats energy balls, creamy cheesecakes, lattes in all different colours, fresh smoothies, chia puddings and salads. We also deliver rawfood for your event, we give workshops in living food and much more.

Our mission is to help you find happiness and wellness in the smallest of things and combine pure pleasure and a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is not about rules and diets, it’s about self nourishment and enjoying your food with great pleasure. You can enjoy a raw sprout salad, a raw pizza or cake for breakfast lunch or dinner! Cake is not only for dessert in our world, its’s a part of our daily routine. We aim to make a lifestyle based on celebrating the simple yet profound act of indulging cake as a meal that satisfy your belly, mouth and mind! We now serve cakes to a number of restaurants, cafes and businesses all over Oslo and do catering and give workshops every week.

Some of our costumers and resellers are Google Norway, The Well, Hiyoga, Liebling and Oslo K.

Our cafe are open everyday!

Stay updated on our community, products, menus and much more on instagram @osloraw and Facebook OSLO RAW and our YouTube Channel.

Find all our best recipes and lifestyle tips in our cookbook Rågodt. Buy it online, in our cafees or in Tanum, ARK and Norli.

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Please contact for any request, orders or feedback: info@osloraw.no


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