Creating a Healthy, Balanced Hormone System

In this article I will share essential information needed to create a healthy and balanced hormone system.

Our hormones and the hormone system are very complex, and they are highly affected by our thoughts, emotions, nervous system, and brain; therefore, I will only focus on the most important details and information regarding the hormone system.


First, I will address the biggest issues and challenges we face when it comes to creating a balanced hormone system. Then I will share how we heal, and how we can solve these problems.


The Challenges!

In our current society our biggest contributors to an unbalanced hormone system are without a doubt the combination of accumulated pollutants in the body, lack of essential nutrients, harmful microorganisms, overexposure to stress and insufficient amounts of restitution.


Let’s address the first issue pollution, and lack of sufficient nutrients:

Accumulation of pollutants, this includes toxins, plastic, and heavy metals. This is one of the contributing factors when it comes to having hormonal imbalances. Since we are exposed to large amounts of toxic substances every day, we must be aware and address this important issue.

The solution to this problem is detox, to assist the body in releasing accumulated pollutants. By keeping your food easily digested, avoiding processed and refined foods, avoiding unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals and substances Also by including foods that are rich in micronutrients you allow your body to keep the accumulation of pollutants at a minimum. I have earlier written about nutrients and heath in the article Basic Nutrition part one.


Another thing to include is to add certain plants, foods and herbs that assists the body`s natural ability to detox and add plants that stimulate different hormones, to further create more vitality and balance.



The second issue:

Harmful microorganisms and having an unhealthy environment in the body.


Harmful microorganisms include for example viruses or different types of harmful bacteria. They can burden our organs and glands to a degree that our body`s overall performance is limited. Therefore, we need to manage the levels of microorganisms that are present in our bodies.

The solution to this is to create a healthy, balanced environment in the body, which I address in an earlier article I wrote, Basic Nutrition part two.


Finally, the last two issues:

Stress, lack of restitution and how it affects our hormones!



We are exposed to extreme amounts of information, we are faced with many choices, and we are exposed to a lot of pressure daily. This creates an enormous strain on the brain and the nervous system. Little has changed in our DNA, and technically, we are still apes.

This amount of pressure and huge amounts of information we are exposed to, continuously, can make our brain and nervous system feel overloaded. This is will over time contribute to also creating an overloaded hormone system.


How do we relate to this and what can we do?

Overexposure to stress, lack of restitution and sleep deprivation is a bit trickier to address because many of us aren´t always aware that our adrenals are producing large amounts of stress hormones continuously, even though this is the case. Therefore, we don`t realize it before it is too late, which is ok, because sometimes it is the only way we learn how to navigate and take proper care of ourselves.

Also, stress hormones can be great, and it is healthy for us to expose ourselves to stress from time to time. The problem though, for most of us today, is that we are producing stress hormones for long periods of time, even major parts of our daily lives and this can be very damaging.


What does this really mean?

Physiologically this means that the body is in fight or flight mode large amounts of our day. When the body goes in to fight or flight mode it slows down a lot of our bodily functions to a minimum so that we can focus on surviving and facing a potential deadly threat.

Some of the functions that are slowed down include our digestion, our production of happy hormones, metabolism hormones, wellness hormones including our production of reproductive and sexual hormones.

Basically, everything comes in second hand to resolving the current, crucial problem at hand. On top of that, the production and release of of stress hormones over time creates an enormous amount of strain on all functions in the body. The body needs an extra amount of time to recuperate from such an ordeal. The body also needs to process and break down this extra surge of stress hormones, which means the daily load and pressure on the body`s functions and organs is increased. All of us can understand that this is not a sustainable and not an ideal situation to find yourself in.


Another factor I need to highlight is that when it comes to the amount of stress exposure and the level of tolerance is that it is highly individual. Age, gender, and genetics are an important factor to take in consideration of when it comes to stress tolerance. Usually, men are more tolerant to higher levels of stress than women are and the consequences over time are usually more severe in women than in men. That´s why two different people can have a highly different experiences and reactions to stress.



The conclusion therefore is that when we are exposed to high levels of stress the body will prioritize survival. Survival is ok, but just surviving doesn`t create the foundation for a healthy and happy life. Surviving doesn`t mean thriving!

It means that the reproductive hormones, wellness hormones won`t be in focus and you will produce less of them. Also, the glands that govern metabolism hormones, including the thyroid, will be less productive. The consequence may therefore be that you gain weight, have mood swings, get easily drained, get depressed, get a weak immune system, slower digestion, and a congested liver. Over time this can also lead to more severe consequences.


So, what is the solution to this?

I recommend that you address your stress levels and the amount of stress you are exposed to and focus on managing that stress and work through it. Also, the second part of this last issue comes in here, the need for restitution! If you are exposed to high levels of stress, it is important to make sure you get enough sleep, a minimum amount of 8-9 hours of sleep every night is recommended.



Emotional and mental health is also crucial when it comes to having healthy and balanced hormone levels. For example, being able to feel safe, let go of worry and stressful issues is key and working on creating it. Overanalysing or overthinking situations that are out of control only creates further imbalance.



I would also like to share some great tips and advice when it comes to hormones:


  • Stillness! Be still, meditate and manage your emotional and mental needs. Relax, take a time-out, let go and make time for yourself and creating the life you want.


  • Therapy! There are many awesome therapists that can assist you in working through your issues and I always recommend my clients and everyone I meet to go to therapy. I love my therapists because they help me grow, prosper, and reach my goals!


  • Get a massage, go to a spa, find those activities that support your own growth and healing.


  • Set aside time where you can create own wellness, health and pursue your dreams.


  • Again, make sure you get enough micronutrients and healthy phytonutrients which I addressed in the article Basic Nutrition part one.


  • Get enough sleep!


  • Find a physical activity that resonates with you.


  • Nature! Go outside in nature, expose yourself to the sun, it is a great way to relieve your body of stress and nurture yourself.


  • Go on vacay mode! Explore how you can create and include that sense of freedom, peace, and vacation in your daily life.



Sara Chacko has over twenty years of experience as a health and nutrition advisor, author, lecturer, and course holder. Sara also gives private health, and nutrition consultations.



You can find more information about Sara`s courses at:

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Health Disclaimer

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