OSLO • RAW delivers organic, vegan and handmade rawfood and sweets that are good for you. It is our passion to make everyday moments packed with pleasure and pure nourishment. We bring health into pleasure by eating cakes for breakfast with natural and raw ingredients without gluten, refined sugar or dairy.  Join us and visit our cafés at Adamstuen Torg and at Eger Karl Johan. Life is all about pleasure, and we want to make it a habit to celebrate the weekday and eat raw goodies all day without any guilt. Our mission is to help you find happiness and wellness in the smallest of things. 

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Did you know we have our own cafés at Adamstuen and Eger Karl Johan?  Here you can come and enjoy our treats, delicious lattes, açaí bowls, smoothies and raw salads, pizza and brunch. Our top tip is to eat cake for breakfast! Our menu is organic, raw and vegan. Ask us if you have any requirements or questions. Adamstuen is open every day from 10. as well as Eger except on Sundays.  

Want to order cakes & food?

We make cake and rawfoods for all occasions, both big and smaller. Are you getting married  or just want a small treat for yourself, we've got it. Come by to try our selection or call directly to make an order: 485 04 185. Your order can be picked up same day if its in stock or we make it within three days. 


eat cake for breakfast