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Our team 

We are a team of over 20 ladies and gentlemen working daily to make sure you receive the best cakes and service. Every single one of our team members are highly necessary to make our bakeries and cafes happy, as we all bring in unique qualities and talents. Our community is the core of our business as the workers are the buisness. We all make OSLO RAW together and welcome you every day to enjoy life, sweets and treats with us. It is our passion to make everyday moments packed with pleasure and pure nourishment. 

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owner and daily leader 

Tiril started OSLO RAW at home as it began as a passionate hobby in 2014 which quickly turned into a business with 20 employees in 2017. She opened her first café November 2016 and her second in May 2018. In march 2018 she launched her first cookbook, RÅGODT, at Gyldendal publisher company. Here you can find all the best recipes and lifestyle tips by herself and OSLO RAW. Rågodt went quickly into the bestseller lists all over Norway and is still ranked as one of the top sold books in 2018. Tiril is an educated rawfood chef and has over 5 years experience with living foods, giving workshops all over Scandinavia. She states that health and business has a lot to do with pleasure and taking care of ourselves. Read more in these interviews: 

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Kristina Stenberg 


Kristina is the head manager at OSLO RAW building the company and community as well as managing all our cafes and kitchens. She has over five years experience in raw foods and is an educated rawfood chef. Kristina is the one to connect with regarding any contact with the business, events, applications and requests. She will assist you to the right people so your needs will be met. 


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