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Hot Super Chocolate

Weekend recipe for you! Why I try to drink raw cacao as often as possible is because it has a natural mood boosting effect

Vanilla Lavender Latte

Cosy vanilla lavender latte to calm down, unwind & snooze into the night… I like summer evenings, they are calming after a day of

Chocolate Chip Nice Cream

Here’s a delicious nice cream recipe really good all day, I even eat this for breakfast during the summer… Its easily made, can be

Iced Matcha Goodness

So fresh and nutritious! Matcha is an antioxidant and chlorophyll rich ceremonial green powdered tea offering many nutritional benefits, including improved brain function and

Raw Chocolate Bars

I would like to share a favourite recipe of mine, Raw Chocolate bars! *Raw cacao fact.  This superfood is a natural hormone balancer that

Reset & detox with nutritious foods and drinks

How have you been this summer? Feeling like you have indulged in too much treats and your body is screaming for a reset? Before you jump on the
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