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CHICCA ROAST This product is our new obsession. Chicca Roast is an herb-based powder that is mixed with hot water into a coffee-like drink, completely without caffeine. It is made from 100% organic chicory root and has an aroma reminiscent of coffee with roasted, nutty tones but with a hint of chocolate and sweetness.   Perfect when you crave a hot drink, and dont want to feel the effects of caffeine. It is a very versatile product, easy to use and mix with your other favorite hot drinks; maybe Golden Latte?

100% organic chicory root

Two variations. Box or refill bag.

Chicory consists mostly of the prebiotic fiber inulin which promotes the good bacteria in the gut.

May be beneficial for improved blood sugar control as inulin is not absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore does not raise blood sugar. Perfect for diabetics or others with blood sugar problems.

Can lead to improved digestion as the fibers can help get the intestines going and thus relieve constipation.
Contains the bitter substances lactucin and lactucopirin which have a calming effect. Thus, Chicca Roast can also be drunk in the evening.

Has antioxidant properties and contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and manganese.

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