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Our signature Mango Coconut Yoghurt served in a pot. The ideal breakfast if your are like us- always enjoying a sweet breakfast. It is rich and creamy with healthy fats and natural sugars. The probiotics provide healthy gut bacteria and will assist your digestive system. Not to mention it is so tasty!   We sprinkle it with homemade granola and superfood hemp seeds and cacao nibs to give you a boost of magnesium, protein and healthy fats.   The coyo is one of our recommendations for caterings: we can make it with different flavours for your pleasure. Want Coyo as part of a meal? We have a brunch menu with different goodies that is perfect for a larger meal.

Homemade coconut yoghurt (Coconut milk, mango, dates, turmeric & probioform) dates, mango, turmeric, probioform, granola(Gf oats, shredded coconut, almonds, walnuts, gojiberries, ceylon cinnamon, dates, cardamom, dehydrated buckwheat, Himalayasaltpeanut butter, coconut chips, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, fruits and berries.

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