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We thought; how can we make something that harks back to the strong pistachio flavour you remember from Italian pistachio ice cream? This is what we made, and we are so proud of this cake. Our pistachio cake has the texture of nougat with combined flavours of salted pistachio nuts and sweet vanilla. It is topped with almond crunch to make it burst with flavour.   If you want a Pistachio Cake as part of a menu for your catering we have designed an all-green menu, where the dessert is this green treat.

Pistachio, glutenfree oats, shredded coconut, coconut sugar, dates, activated buckwheat, cashews, almonds, coconut cream, coconut oil, agave sirup, spinach, lemon, vanilla powder, himalayan salt.

Cakes & treats are delivered frozen and will need 20 to 60 minutes to defrost in the fridge, depending on the size, flavor & temperatures.

Choose between:
Large cake, 18 portions
Small cake , 9 portions
1 slice

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