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Our Chia Pudding is a perfect breakfast or a 14.00 on-the-go meal. It will keep you full for a long time and supply you with your daily dose of fiber.   The chia seeds are soaked in gluten free oat milk overnight for that delicious pudding texture. We top it with a mango coconut yoghurt containing gut friendly bacteria from probiotics. Then we sprinkle it with homemade granola and superfood hemp seeds and cacao nibs to give you a boost of magnesium, protein and healthy fats.   Want chia pudding as part of a meal? We have a brunch menu with different goodies that is perfect for a larger meal.

Gluten free oat milk, chia seeds, seasonal jam (berries, chia seeds), granola (Gf oats, shredded coconut, almonds, walnuts, gojiberries, ceylon cinnamon, dates, cardamom, dehydrated buckwheat, Himalayasalt) coyo (Coconut milk, mango, dates, turmeric & probioform)  peanut butter, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, hemp seed, fruits and berries.

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